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So if you are completely new, the number one thing I can advise you to do is start on the ShineOn platform. So I'm going to go to it real quick. This is the shine on platform, you can get here by going to and you're going to want to click this sellers and affiliates button up here in the top right., click the seller and affiliates button up here in the top right. And you're going to want to make a new account. So when you get here, click sell on the blue, the navy blue button, create an account right here. This is where you're going to do most of your selling. Now, let me show you what this is going to let you do. So if I click on one of these products here on our homepage, just going to grab one of these, you're going to be able to upload products, your own products directly to, we're going to give you your own URL. You have your whole dashboard here where you can manage all your ads. So I'm gonna log into mine, I'm gonna show it to you real quick, give you a little bit of a live demo, but we're going to give you a product page, it looks just like this, where people can come in since you can drive traffic to this page from Facebook. And people when they buy this product, the sale will be attributed to you and you'll make money. So let me show you what I mean by that. So if I click sellers and affiliates, I'm gonna log into my account.

So this is my account, this is the dashboard is what its gonna look like for you. So you can see today, I've had 23 purchases, those 23 purchases resulted in 29 units, that's 1400 dollars in revenue and 1100 dollars in profit. This is all from today, right? And you you've got these different options here. So that you can, you know, look back at your history of sales, I'll go to seven days. I don't want to go too much further into this. This isn't about showing the numbers to me, I just I want you to understand the platform here. So this is what the platform looks like. Now, when you're logged into the platform up here on the top right, you're gonna be able to go to add new and then product up here in the top right. You're going to be able to create a product from anything we have here in this list. We've got some really cool stuff in this list.

Okay, so we have this new product that we just released called the graceful love giraffe necklace. This thing is it's a giraffe on a message card looks absolutely beautiful. Let me see if I can get a preview. Yeah, there we go. Real big, this particular item. I love this item, I think this item is going to absolutely crush it, especially as we move into Q4. It's a huge, huge product. And by the way, if you're new to shine on all together, I suppose I should tell you a little bit more about shine on. Every product you see here on a dashboard is a product that we've tested with our own money, we have an entire process that all these products go through, they do not show up in the marketplace until we've tested them and proven that they're winners. So that's, that's big. Another thing is all of these products shipped from our factory in the United States. So that means that you know once your customer places an order, most of them will ship within 48 hours, within two business days. And they're on their way the customer and they'll be delivered domestically in the United States within two to five business days. So your customers will get your orders very quickly after they place it. This is huge, especially right now with Facebook, the feedback score on your Facebook pages become even more important and when your page scores go down, Facebook will prevent you from advertising. This is a new thing that they're kind of, you know, getting serious about this Q4. And having a print on demand supplier that ships high quality products really fast is going to be in your favor, it's going to help you protect your feedback scores. So all these products ship really fast. The next thing is they are super high quality we control our entire process from end to end. So I'm saying we have special relationships with our factories where we get these things made. We have them brought into the United States, we perform a very robust QA process on all of our products. And then you know we have our own proprietary process that they go through when we print the message cards and all that kind of stuff and get them ready to ship out the door. And again that shipping is really fast. The other thing that's great about the platform is we do all the customer service for you.

So one of the things people don't really think about when they're getting into ecomm is look, if you have your own Shopify store, right, you need to learn how to do branding, you learn how to do conversion rate optimization, you need to know how to put trust seals on your website, you've got to know how to write product copy, you have to do CRO on your product page, your add to cart page, and your checkout page, you have to manage the store. So we're talking about the look and feel of the store, you have to worry also about the loading speed. Because if it's too slow, then you'll drop people. Not only that, but Facebook will actually penalize you, if your website loads too slow. You have all these variables, right, there's like 20 of them. Last time I looked at all of you had like a bunch of variables you have to master if you want to use the Shopify store. However, if you use the ShineOn platform here, there are really only two things you have to worry about. All you really have to worry about is your product, which is really your design and your ads. That's it, the entire thing gets boiled down to those two variables. I mean, like, just I didn't even write them all down on the shine on side, or I'm sorry, the Shopify side. But just compare the two, I've got six really big important ones right here, all of these would require special learning on your part in order to do it well. But on the shine on platform, we do all of this for you. We've already done conversion rate optimization on the product page, we've already got the branding kind of figured out, we already have all the right trust elements there, including like reviews and things like that all of that's built into the platform. Literally all you have to worry about is your product, and your ads. That's it. That's the beauty of the platform. The other thing, and I get pretty excited when I start talking about this with the platform is that I've never seen an opportunity quite like what ShineOn provides in the platform. I mean, understand this, you don't have to have a store, you don't have to manage your own inventory, you don't even have to do customer service, you can literally sell products you've never seen before to people you've never met. And inside of 20 minutes, if you have your design ready, you can launch some ads and get the same distribution as a target at Walmart or Costco using Facebook ads. So literally, inside the space of a good morning and a single cup of coffee, you can come up with designs, here I'll back it up even further. You can create your account, come up with designs, your URLs, launch your first ads and potentially get your first sale. Right, there has never been an entrepreneurial opportunity like this in the history of the world. And I'm not exaggerating there. This is unparalleled in the history of men. I'm not kidding, I challenge somebody to find me an opportunity with an entrepreneurial opportunity that has this much potential. I seriously don't think that there is one.

Okay, I'm gonna keep going through these products here. I went off in a little bit of a tangent. Let me check the chat here for questions. All right. Questions are coming in. This is good.

Did you do that with Facebook ads? Yes, Facebook ads and shine on also does free retargeting. That's another advantage of the platform, you get free retargeting. A lot of these sales came in through the free retargeting as well.

Richard "love the show the numbers, kudos." Appreciate that.

Yeah, we can sign on to the shout out platform with no problem. I'm just starting at the beginning, right, I want to help everybody here.

Which product is good for a daughter, the giraffe one is really good for a daughter. And then I also am a big fan of interlocking hearts. Where's my interlocking hearts. This one right here, interlocking hearts. This one here is a really good one. I like it. I'll click into that just so you can see it. You've got these two kind of metal hearts that are kind of made interlock. That's a really good one. And then I also really like infinity hearts, which is right next to it. So if I scroll back down infinity hearts is this one right here. Those are my three favorites for daughter right now.

Are all the message card variants tested too? Some of the free variants are but not all of them.

Do they ship with USPS? Yeah, I believe we do, actually. Yes, we do.

Okay, can we manually place orders on the ShineOn platform? Or do we have have a Shopify account? No, you can manually place orders on the shine on platform.

All right, we're gonna keep going here. Okay, let's keep going. Alright, so let's talk a little bit more about our products here. I'll make this relatively quick. I just anybody that's new. I want you to have kind of a feeling for the lay of the land here. So we have this giraffe necklace. This is a new release that came out last week, I believe it was. Super pumped about this one. This is going to be gigantic in the daughter niches. Then we have this cross. I personally know somebody a friend in real life that's having a lot of success with the cross. Keep in mind the Bible is probably the best selling book, in the world or in history. The Christian niche is gigantic. People like to show their faith. The cross necklace really fits in that niche. So get some others, love knot, alluring beauty, forever love. Those are all amazing in the romance niches. So love knot can also work in daughter. This is love not here it's it's cubic zirconia with some metal kind of wrapped around is pretty cool. works well in the romance niche. Another one that does really good is alluring beauty. Another great one in the romance niche. And then forever love. This one obviously does good in the romance niche because it's a heart. So those do good. That's like husband, wife, fiance, boyfriend, girlfriend, all of those, those do really really well. And then you have sweetest hearts. This one kind of works and just about any niche at the moment. So it's a hand stamped, engraved tart. So when I say hand stamped, I really mean it. I'm talking like Etsy like, like we actually hand stamp the, the initial into these hearts, we don't use machines to do it. It's another cool thing about ShineOn is we offer personalization at scale. We're trying to offer Etsy style personalized products, except at scale for print on demand sellers. Anyway. So these are hand stamp is really cool. These kind of work in every niche so far. They can work husband wife, usually in that scenario, there's a family so it's like dad, mom kind of thing and you can you can get the initials of the kids kind of hand stamped on the hearts. Also, it works as like to mom type gifts and things like that. So some sellers are still kind of cracking the code on this particular product, but I've seen it work in a lot of different niches. Let's see what else we have. We have the two sided stick necklace. So we got two sided engraving on the stick necklace. This was a huge, huge seller last year. I expect it will be too again this year for Q4. And then beyond just the message card products and I love the message cards just because you have so much room to put your design and your phrase. We're going to get more into how important all that is here in a minute. We also have our standard graphic pendants. So we have buyer upload products here where you can upload photos to like our dog tag our hearts. Notice we have bangles and necklaces. A lot of places only have the necklace We also offer a bangle, I've sold a ton of these freakin bangles. So they do sell really well. We have some key chains, we have more key chains coming out by the way. So keep your eyes peeled. We've got print on demand cross here. Then we have our standard kind of graphic pendants, we got a circle hearts, those are bangles and necklaces. And we also have the dog tags as well. So we've got a whole smorgasbord of products here. And we have plenty more to come. I think we have like five coming, I look at the product lineup every single week, it's just we're constantly adding stuff to it, so becomes a little bit of a blur, I'm pretty sure we have like five new ones coming before the end of the year, including a handful that are going to make really great pre purchase upsells. So you're going to be able to increase your average order value when you sell on the platform because we've got some pre purchase upsells coming one of those and I don't really have a image of it here. But it's a luxury mahogany styled wooden box with an LED light in it. So when somebody buys one of these message card items, we're going to say, "Hey, would you like to upgrade to a mahogany style box?" I've been working with our graphic designers and our UI team. And I've seen what all this looks like it looks really slick. You're going to be able to upsell a customer on this mahogany style wooden box for you know, an extra 1015 $20. That's just going to increase your average order values on the platform. So that's going to be huge.

All right, let's check the questions here. Real quick.

Why does the white gold display first and not the yellow? The yellow cost more, we see a higher take rate on the white gold, right. That's why we lead with it. But and that's also kind of industry standard. For ecomm. You know, you typically lead with the lower priced item, you certainly don't have to though, when you go to create your product, you can set it up so that you actually send people to just the gold variant. All you need to do is visit one of your products. So let me let me see if I can demonstrate this real quick. See if I can demonstrate it on this one. So see we've got the white golden yellow gold. So if I click the yellow gold here, the variant URL should change. So big money, no whammies There you go. See ya automatically change for me. So if you just go to your product and you click on your yellow gold, it will give you a variant URL up here and then you can just run that in your ads. And when people come to your product page, they'll be taken to the yellow gold variant of your particular product.

Whoa, lots of questions here. Let's keep going. You find Christmas backgrounds do well with jewelry? Experiment, anything to stop the scroll. That's the goal. You want to stop the scroll in your ads. That's the number one goal.

Real mahogany? It is not real mahogany. It is mahogany style. So we're being very clear about the copy that we use when we sell the box. It's a nice freakin box though. It looks really really nice. You'll be excited when you see the images. I experimented with this box I took a product is $49.95 sold it with the box is a standalone and I was able to sell it for $69.95 with just the box upgrade. So it's going to be big it can really increase your average order values. You know, Facebook ads are getting more and more difficult as time goes on CPMs go up, there's more competition in the space. Having those higher eo V's is going to be huge. In fact, Joe Robert talks about this a lot for all the Joe Robert fans in the audience.

Can message cards be personalized when signing the platform? Not yet. We're working on that. Not yet. It's coming though.