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5 Tips To Make Your Designs More Appealing | Print On Demand




Let's get into design. So, first, my design keeps it simple. One of the things got a design here. Look at this, when it comes to the phrase, the phrase is kind of on the right track, I think it needs some improvement, but the phrase doesn't break tons and tons of rules here. Let's read it real quick, "happy birthday sweetheart, you're the most beautiful person I know, I'm so thankful and blessed to have you in my life. I love you." Again, this individual is kind of on the right track. The problem here is this design, this design is way too distracting, your eye is not drawn to the phrase here, your eyes very clearly drawn to the design, even even over the jewelry piece. This design is totally stealing the show. Have you guys ever seen those funny videos on YouTube, where I'll show like a band playing a wedding or something like that, and it's supposed to be like some song and you got the drummer in the background, and he's like spinning around the sticks and all this kind of stuff. And he's like totally stealing the show. I mean, his hairs disheveled and his ties flying around, and you're like at a wedding. That's kind of what this design is doing to the jewelry piece. I mean, it's just completely stealing the show here. So keep your designs simple.

Next, we need to make sure that the design complements the phrase. So again, let's go back to this one. It's just a pretty good example of it. This design, to me looks almost like a nuclear explosion or something like that. Like, let's read the phrase and see if the design fits. "Happy Birthday sweetheart, you're the most beautiful person I know. I'm so thankful and blessed to have you in my life. I love you." There's a heart kind of back there. I don't know if these are supposed to be wings, feathers, I'm not sure what's going on here. The design and the phrase they clash, these do not complement each other. So you don't even notice the jewelry. Yeah, it kinda reminds me of Thanksgiving. Yeah, it definitely has that feel to it. So you need to make sure that the design complements the phrase.

So let's look back at this one. I actually think from a design perspective, this isn't too bad. You've got kind of these little hints of red in there. They're kind of evenly spaced throughout the design, which I kind of like. I mean, it's doesn't feel too jarring, it's not super distracting, it kind of ties, everything together. I like the transparency in this particular design. You've got the metal in the background, the finished metal and it just I don't know, I really like that about this particular one. So anyway, I feel like here, you know, it's to my beautiful wife and it's kind of romantic kind of thing. You have the little images of the roses and things like that actually think this design here is pretty good. All right, let's keep going here.

My design is such that the phrase is not covered or blocked by the jewelry items in the mock up. I don't know if I grabbed an example of that. We do, actually. So look at this one. So one of the difficulties here with this particular item is that the necklace itself it's right on top of the phrase. So in particular, it's kind of tough to read this here, I was able to kind of infer what was going on there and never forget. I just kind of guessed that word says that, because I could kind of tell that this word here said you, right. So you have the the necklace right on top of the phrase and it's it's kind of, it's making the phrase itself a little bit difficult to consume. So you kind of have to work around that a little bit, with with the way you like, put the phrase on the design. You need to make sure that your to my daughter, whatever your text is, up here, try to keep it like up here and out of the way, and then try to finish off your phrase down here.

Another thing you can do is add your phrase here to the sides, right. But I would try to stay away from like this area here. This is a no go zone. When it comes to your phrase. You have tons of space on the message card, so use them. You don't need this tiny little, you know, area right here to get your phrase. Be creative, find some other ways to layout your text. Any questions on any of this so far? No questions. All right, well, I'm gonna keep moving. If any questions pop up, I'll stop.

Alright, my design does not use elements that may turn some buyers away. For example, images of people with identifiable traits such as hair color, length, height, that kind of thing. Here's what I mean by this. I'm not sure I have a actually do we have another good example? Sorry, whoever made this design. I'm not picking on you. However, this fairy here in the background. I personally think is you issue here, because this is a to my daughter thing and look at the jewelry item here. This is alluring beauty is the jewelry item. And alluring beauty is a mature item. I think we asked in my last Facebook Live, like how old do you think you'd have to be to wear alluring beauty, and everybody kind of agreed, if I remember, right, it was like 15 or 16 years old. But like this, to me, this little fairy here kind of clashes with the idea of giving this to a more mature female. So 15 years old and above, and you got this fairy going on. It's like there's a clash here between the design and the products. You have like a product design mismatch here, which is kind of an issue.

Another thing I'll kind of bring up real quickly, is this here, you have an actual image of two people, you know, presumably lovers here, having kind of a nice little moment between them. Now, the issue, though, is like. Look, this isn't a huge issue. I'm just pointing this out. What if, in this particular relationship, the female is the same height as the man or taller than the man? Or what happens if the female has short hair, and the man has long hair? There's all kinds of things here that can kind of put off the buyer, because it may not fit their image of themselves perfectly. So it's better to kind of use more abstract design, like decals and floral stuff, and that kind of thing. And to kind of have elegance here, as opposed to put in images and things like that. I'm not saying you can't do it, I've seen things sell with it. I'm just saying that this is one of the things I think that can hinder some of the designs.

Alright, see some questions coming in? What is the most text you would put on a card? Well, I can't give you a word count. Like I said, in the checklist, I say it needs to be short enough. In fact, I'll just let's jump over the checklist real quick. It needs to be short enough that it's legible and easily read on mobile devices. But long enough, it has maximum emotional impact. So there's a balance here, it's kind of on a spectrum, and you kind of got to take your phrase, and you have to find that on your own. I can't give you like a specific word count.

Card dimensions? It's three inches by three inches. The actual design itself, it's a square, and the minimum file size is 1000x1000 pixels. They prefer I think PNG and JPG file types. If you go into the platform, you go to add new and you pick up find a product you want to create, there's actually the design guide files right there that you can download or give to your designer.

What are your feelings grammar wise about using you are verse you're? So, I think what you're asking me is, would you rather write like you are or you're, for example, can't versus cannot that kind of thing? You know, I kind of go with what feels natural with the phrase. Keep in mind that some phrases work, how do I put this they have like a tempo to them, like especially the phrases that rhyme. And you need a certain amount of syllables kind of in each line in order to maintain the rhythm. So that might be an area where you need to like instead of using cans, you may need to use cannot or maybe instead of using cannot because adds extra syllable you need to use can't that's kind of how I'd approach that.

In your experience, what sells better clean art or graphic heavy designs? Clean art, in my experience. But look, that's my experience. For every one of these though, I've seen things break the rules and do really, really well. But in my experience, things that are more clean tend to do better. That's because I think this theory, nothing's competing with the phrase and that's very, very important. You really need the phrase to stand out and you don't want things pulling distractions or distracting people from the phrase.

All right. If you want to learn about shine on 100k go to shineon100

How do you sell birthday gifts? Well in Facebook, you can actually target people with upcoming birthdays or friends of people with upcoming birthdays. That's probably where I would start.

All right, what appropriate type of jewelry that I can use for inspirational tagline or phrases. Well, all of them. I think everything shine on offers you can sell with phrases and tag-lines. So all of them.

Alright, we are going to keep going here. Let's keep moving through our list. Use darker or lighter backgrounds and avoid shades in the middle of the value spectrum. So hopefully everybody can see this thing I kind of have here in the middle of the screen. This is a, I think it's called a value spectrum, something like that. So you can see you have shades right so you have lighter shades on the left and brighter shades on the right. Now keep in mind, what you're looking at here is like from white to black, but this would apply for any color in the color spectrum. I mean, you could do this with white to red, like a deep dark red, you could do this with greens, blues, anything in here. What I'm trying to say is, you really want to make sure that you pick for like the background of your message cards, or even your product images, try to find colors that are on the front, or back end of the value spectrum. Try to stay away from stuff in the middle, because it becomes very, very difficult to put print on top of the stuff in the middle and have it stand out. So I have an example. So look at this, right, this thing is super freakin bright. I want to put on sunscreen here, just looking at it this thing. Anyway, it's very bright. And the other thing is like, I promise you, most of the people that buy this kind of jewelry are older, they're like 40 plus probably. Some people are going to have a really, really hard time reading a phrase on a background like this. I mean, it is "WOW." So this is this is definitely an example of what I'm saying. Like, you need to try to stay on one of one of the ends of the value spectrum so that you can put contrast in colors in your text and things like that, so that people can actually read like, this is not a great cover color for a canvas.

The other thing I want to say just while we're on the topic, is this here is a no no. Right, this individual is doing copyright infringement. I will tell everybody on this call, whoever's watching this, stay away from copyright infringement. Don't even play with it, because if you get something that starts to sell, like as soon as shine on discovers it, we have to take it down. We are legally obliged to make sure the copyrighted stuff is not being sold on our platform. Now that said, we'll communicate with you and things like that, but we are not going to be able to allow this so don't even mess with it. Don't put copyrighted elements into your designs, because if you take off you're just shooting yourself in the foot. So anyways, that's a little footnote related to this. Let's keep going. I think it's pretty clear why you don't want super bright backgrounds here.